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To provide our customers with world class quality, delivery & service

Established in 1968, KKSP Precision Machining has been producing screw machine parts to our customers' exact specifications for more than fifty years.

The Largest in North America
With over 425 screw machines in four locations in the U.S. and Mexico, we are the capabilities leader and the largest machine shop of our kind in North America. Our significant scale, multiple locations, deep technical expertise, and highly focused operating strategy allow us to deliver value stream advantages to our customers which are not available from other sources anywhere in the world.

World Class Quality
All of our locations are ISO/IATF 16949 certified.
Quality is built into our products and monitored at every step in our production process. We begin each job with careful adherence to print specifications for both raw material and part geometry. We encourage our customers to invite us to participate in their product design discussions. Our engineers can provide meaningful Value Added/Value Engineering suggestions which can often result in important cost savings, if approved by the customer's design experts.

KKSP maintains complete and verifiable lot traceability of both raw materials and part manufacturing history for all products. Material traceability includes details of raw material origin and manufacturing history in addition to confirmation of adherence to specifications.

Our screw machining process strictly conforms with our ISO/IATF 16949 protocols and involves a carefully designed, documented and verified regimen which ensures consistent product quality. These protocols enable us to provide our customers with the confidence that their parts are correct and meet their specifications.

Our internal procedures require our machinists to verify their own product, which allows us to control our processes in real time. We have state of the art touch-free gauging and attribute verification equipment which are employed by both our machine operators and our independent Quality Control Department at each facility.

Direct input gauging is used to eliminate the potential for human error in measuring critical dimensions. This data can be converted into SPC documentation and statistically analyzed to improve our processes continuously. Another important part of our quality system is the unique use of the production print as an electronically stored living document. All pertinent information is readily available through the production print. Our Engineering Department constantly updates these documents to include any changes to the part, including customer changes, special instructions, and routings.