Custom Engineering and Design

KKSP offers custom engineering and design services. Upon request, we will evaluate your specifications and suggest design modifications to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Inventory Warehousing for JIT Delivery

With our state-of-the-art inventory control system we can provide just in time delivery. Finished parts can be stored in our warehouse, available for immediate shipment under your blanket purchase order. You can request releases as you need parts, or provide us with a schedule, and you'll know exactly when your parts will be arriving.

Volume Material Purchasing

Because of our size and on-going material requirements, KKSP purchases raw material by the truckload. Over 20 million pounds of brass, steel and aluminum are machined in our facilities every year. We also are diligent about recycling all scrap metals, increasing our purchasing efficiencies even further. As a result, KKSP consistently offers extremely competitive pricing.

Light Assembly

If you need assembly with your parts, just give us the details, and we can probably complete whatever you require. Many of the parts we produce include assembly, kitting and packaging.