About Us

Competitive Advantages


KKSP Precision Machining is among the largest consumers of free machining metals in our market. Through close collaboration and partnership with our raw material suppliers we provide materials options to our customers that are supported by world-class metallurgical engineering and development teams, quality control, and highly competitive pricing.

Our broad and deep talent pool counts over 1,500 man-years of combined shop experience, is the largest in our market, and is focused where it counts most—our shop floors where we produce over 1 million parts per day that consistently meet our customers’ unique specifications.

Ready for the Future

Through our Operator Apprenticeship Program we are investing in our future by transferring knowledge and developing the next generation of skilled craftsman-operators.  This unique, self-developed program has an average of fifteen fledgling craftsmen enrolled across all locations in a two to three year program designed to develop the essential skills to maintain our tradition of excellence and grow our business.

International Advantages

Our Mexico operation enables KKSP to offer customers a local sourcing strategy while maintaining reasonable logistical proximity to the U.S. lower 48 and the significant communications advantage of the Central Time Zone. This clean, well-organized, ISO/TS certified plant is run by our high performance Monterrey team of Mexican national employees and managers.

Our quality systems provide our customers with the assurance that all of our facilities in the U.S. and Mexico operate to the same rigorous ISO/TS standards, and our formal Continuous Improvement Program ensures that the substantial value stream advantages we offer our customers today will be even greater tomorrow.