KKSP precision machining

CNC Turning Machines

4 CNC Turning Centers, 3 Machining Centers, 1 CNC Swiss

Our CNC Turning and Machining department complements our high volume capabilities with the ability to produce prototypes, samples, and other parts with lower volume requirements than would be suitable for our multi-spindle machines.

Our CNC Multi Spindle operation combines the speed of a standard multi spindle machine with the elegance of a CNC operation. This operation is designed to produce high volumes (>200,000 pieces) of high complexity.

Our CNC Swiss operation incorporates live tooling and provides an opportunity to supply ultra precision parts in longer part configurations, up to ¾" diameter and up to 8 " long. The cycle times are significantly shorter than on conventional CNCs and therefore there is opportunity for cost savings.

Parts Produced

Precision Fittings
Threaded Inserts
Medical Equipment
Automotive Parts